Outplacement Services

At some point, you’re probably going to have to terminate one or more employees. With business and economic cycles now in a seemingly constant state of flux, the potential for dealing with employees in transition has never been more of a distinct reality. Nobody likes thinking about it, but everyone should have a plan.

To help better prepare for the likelihood of both single terminations and larger-scale reductions in force (RIFs), many employers have proactively identified outplacement solutions—services aimed at helping former employees transition into new jobs.

How will outplacement services benefit your company with a reorganization or downsizing?
The process of separation can be difficult and expensive. Outplacement helps minimize the cost and negative impact a layoff can have on an organization. Successful outplacement programs offer:

Liability prevention. Demonstrate that your company offers grounded and fair separation programs. Outplacement services display your commitment to fulfilling your corporate responsibility to your employees.

Enhanced corporate image. Preserve your company’s reputation by caring for transitioning staff. Outplacement plans elevate your brand in the eyes of investors, customers, remaining employees and future job candidates.

Better retention rates and productivity from remaining staff. Outplacement demonstrates your concern for employees, even when tough business decisions force layoffs. Retain key talent by showing care for your employees.

Reduce unemployment.  Lowers unemployment cost by reducing time during the job search process.

Offering Outplacement Services is quickly becoming a business standard for all industries and all company sizes. Outplacement Services ensure a smooth transition period for companies looking to downsize, up-grade talent, restructure and manage executive team changes.  Invest in your company’s success by empowering your employees.

Career Consulting of South Alabama is dedicated to helping displaced employees.  Our outplacement services are tailored to the individual, not the group. In order to help your employees with the transition, we offer:

Personalized Career Coaching, Interviewing Techniques and Preparation, Professional Resumes, Cover Letters, Job Search Strategies, Assist with Networking, Weekly Progress Calls, and Provide a Clear Career Strategy.

We work with all types of displaced employees from hourly workers to senior level executives in all types of businesses.

Career Consulting of South Alabama’s tailored approach and personalized attention provides the highest quality transition experience in the industry.  What’s more, our proven methodology provides maximum individual attention and effective results.  Just as our services are tailored to the individual, our fees are tailored to the companies.  Fees will be established on a case by case basis. This is how we are changing the industry standards for both the employee and the employer.